Message from Sandra (dated 24 July 2021):

Last Tuesday a small but select group of ladies had a very pleasant walk along to the Gyle, partook of coffee in Marks and then returned back to Corstorphine. We discussed the way forward for the group to get back to our monthly walks and the following was decided.
*Walks will take place on the first Tuesday of the month - 3rd August7th Sept5th Oct2nd Nov7th Dec etc

*At the moment we will not use public transport and so walks will be either local starting in Corstorphine or we have a number of ladies who are willing to drive and give other ladies a lift. We will follow all current advice regarding car sharing and mask wearing to be at the discretion of the driver.

* The following ladies have offered to drive when available Sandra Evans, Catherine Whitten, Anne Wheelhouse, Irene Lees, Elaine Brown, Helen McKellar - any other volunteers most welcome of course.

* Sharing cars means that there is more of a need to let Theresa/ me know if you are intending to come along on the walk and also if you are able to drive on that particular day. This would allow us to plan numbers, drivers etc beforehand to make sure that there Is sufficient transport and let drivers know that they are required.

* In the past when we have taken cars we have met at Iceland car park which is more centrally located for us all and so we suggest meeting there again. We can quickly get into cars and be off within the 10 mins free parking timeframe.

* Next walk Tuesday 3rd August. Meet 10am Iceland car park ( as detailed above) drive over to Lauriston Farm car park. Walk down along the front to Cramond then retrace our steps back to Lauriston Farm for coffee or lunch.

Tuesday 7th September proposed walk Heriot Watt grounds. Details confirmed later.

* Other proposed walks Almondell Country Park, Bo’ness coastal walk, Canal walks, Cramond to Dalmeny, Gypsy Brae to Cramond/ Wardie, Granton new quarter. These will be decided on a month to month basis.

Hope that you think this way of doing things viable and look forward getting out and about again. I know that it is a bit more complicated than our usual just sign up and turn up at the Harp but life is a bit more complicated at the moment. So if you could let Theresa/ me know about 3rd August that would be great ( although I cannot manage - on childcare duties) - but now have first Tuesday of the month in the diary!

Kindest regards