Lyceum Theatre - Mark Thomson

For the September meeting we were fortunate to have Mark Thomson, outgoing Artistic Director of the Lyceum Theatre, as guest speaker.  A full attendance awaited Mark's arrival.  He arrived a little late, having cycled from Portobello in our Indian Summer heat (very unusual to have such balmy weather in Scotland).
Once he recovered, he gave a very insighful picture of the ongoing work at the Lyceum and the extreme situation with funding and grants.  He truly raised our awareness of the treasure we have in the Lyceum, and thus our awareness that it could cease to function if artistic grants are further cut.  This, I feel, we should as an organisation be aware of and not let slip away unnoticed.
Mark spoke at length about the current production, 'Waiting for Godot' with Brian Cox and Bill Paterson - a truly brilliant performance.  Mark's talk gave us some insight into what goes on behind the scene, which led to a very interesting meeting.